The academic requirements are as follows:

1) 100 level intro course GBST 111; Global Perspectives; fall, sophomore year
2) Winter Study travel course, winter study, sophomore year
3) Foreign language competency (students can place out of this requirement) at least 4
or 5 semesters of college (depends on language)
4) Research colloquium/Independent Study, GBST 398 fall semester, senior year (can
be substituted for honors thesis seminar in another department)

As a Global Scholar, students will also have access to the following:

1) Summer funding for research/internship/intense language program
(sophomore/junior and junior/senior year)
2) Funding for research/travel during winter study, junior and senior years
3) Post-graduate stipends

Application Details:

Applications will be due in mid-February. Details to be announced soon!