The Global Scholars Program

Global Scholars: A New Academic Community at Williams College

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– Provide research-based global engagement opportunities for students
– Promote responsible and purposeful travel
– Connect study abroad with regular Williams classes
– Strengthen bonds between summer and regular semester
– Access to multi-year and regular mentorship
– Develop multi-faceted global awareness and skills sets

General Overview:

Global Scholars, a new initiative administered by the Global Studies program, takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring critical global trends and issues. Through their participation in this multi-year program, the Global Scholars will be mentored and challenged to engage with new concepts and generate innovative questions as they enter and examine the complexities of the always evolving and
interconnected world.

The Global Scholars will be encouraged to tackle urgent issues and rethink conventional paradigms. The initiative follows a process-based approach by supporting the Global Scholars in the development of their own thinking and understanding of global processes and systems. By promoting multi-faceted awareness through the task of analyzing and appreciating diverse perspectives and experiences, the Global Scholars will be better equipped to navigate societies, work in cultures and listen to and
understand people from different backgrounds with humility and confidence.

Components of Global Scholars Initiative:

The Global Scholars will apply and be selected at the end of their first year and will form a new academic cohort that will be expected to participate in this program until they graduate.

In addition to receiving the Global Scholars designation, selected students will also receive a Global Scholars certificate upon graduation if they have fulfilled all the requirements and expectations of this initiative. Though some Global Scholars may choose to be Global Studies concentrators, it is not a requirement of the Global Scholars program.

The academic requirements are as follows:

1) 100 level intro course GBST 111; Global Perspectives; fall, sophomore year
2) Winter Study travel course, winter study, sophomore year
3) Foreign language competency (students can place out of this requirement) at least 4
or 5 semesters of college (depends on language)
4) Research colloquium/Independent Study, GBST 398 fall semester, senior year (can
be substituted for honors thesis seminar in another department)

As a Global Scholar, students will also have access to the following:

1) Summer funding for research/internship/intense language program
(sophomore/junior and junior/senior year)
2) Funding for research/travel during winter study, junior and senior years
3) Post-graduate stipends

Application Details:

Applications will be open in mid-January and the deadline for applications is February 19, 2024.